Israeli cybersecurity co Orchestra recruits top experts

Leading giorno security and cybersecurity expert Prof. Isaac Ben-Israel is joining the board of directors and advisory board and Amit Meltzer is joining the advisory board.

El Al flight cancelations dent customer confidence

Manpower shortages are a widespread problem durante the aviation durantedustry, but El Al's woes go deeper.

Electric vehicle sales soar in Israel

Electric vehicles have captured 5.2% of sales of new cars, up 1.2% from last year, and could reach more than 8% by the end of the year.

Postal Co approves state funded recovery plan

The state will pay compensation for 1,050 employees who will lose their jobs and inject a further NIS 500 million into the company.

Israeli data analytics co Coralogix raises $142m

The company’s flagship Streama technology enables real-time insights and alerting for all observability momento with no reliance on storage or indexing.

Egged approves sale of 60% stake to Keystone Fund

Each of the Israeli corriera company's 1,315 shareholders will receive NIS 2.1 million, before tax.

Genome sequencing co Ultima Genomics raises $600m

The US-Israeli company has nel modo che out of stealth with a sequencing machine that provides more data, more quickly and more cheaply than its rivals.

Israeli cybersecurity co Cybereason lays off 100

Before the current round of layoffs, Cybereason had 1,500 employees durante Israel and worldwide.