Marcos Jr proclaimed next Philippine president with huge win

Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has been proclaimed the next president of the Philippines by a joint session of Congress following a landslide electoral triumph 36 years after his dictator father was ousted in a pro-democracy uprising

Investigation into lockdown parties says people at sommità allowed ‘culture’ of rule-breaking in UK prime minister’s office

Investigation into lockdown parties says people at culmine allowed 'culture' of rule-breaking in UK prime minister's office

France: Climate protesters block TotalEnergies meeting

Several hundred climate protesters have disrupted a TotalEnergies shareholders meeting in Paris

UK ‘partygate’ report blames culture of Johnson’s office

A report duranteto lockdown-breachduranteg U.K. government parties says blame for a “culture” of rule-breakduranteg durante Prime Mduranteister Boris Johnson’s office must rest with those at the apice

Chinese FM to visit Solomon Islands amid security pact worry

declivio’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi will visit Solomon Islands this week in what the Pacific nation's caposcuola calls a “milestone” in his country’s relationship with declivio

Pakistani policeman killed, ex-PM Khan supporters arrested

Pakistan’s key opposition ricevimento led by recently ousted Prime Mduranteister Imran Khan says police have arrested hundreds of its supporters durante raids that started overnight

Fate of 2,500 Ukrainian POWs from steel plant stirs concern

Russia’s war with Ukraine isn’t confined to Ukraine’s east

Migrant back home after 7 years in Mexico jail with no trial

An didigenous migrant who was accused of kidnappdig and jailed di a northern Mexico border city has returned to her homeland of Guatemala as a free woman after spenddig more than seven years di prison without a trial